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Outerbounds and Codemate Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Custom AI/ML Solutions for Enterprises

Outerbounds announced a strategic collaboration with systems integrator Codemate to help enterprises develop and deploy bespoke AI/ML solutions on Outerbounds’ robust and proven platform.

#TechElevateHER: Empowering Women in Tech

#TechElevateHER is empowering young Nordic women in tech through mentorship, networking, and hands-on learning experiences, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse technology industry.

Codemate continues its strong growth strategy by acquiring a majority stake in Upsert

Codemate, a premier creative tech agency, proudly announces its acquisition of Upsert, a prominent software and database consultancy, on May 10, 2024.

Mates behind the Code: Delivery Lead Mikael Komu hasn’t considered taking another job in 14 years

Good culture, pleasant and professional colleagues and interesting projects have kept Mikael at Codemate for 14 years.

Test automation tools: An experienced insight.

We have prepared a three-article series on test automation for everyone interested in the quality of digital projects. This first article helps you identify how to achieve your goals through test automation.

From challenges to saunas: A peek into Codemate’s distinctive office life

The company values come to life in our culture and in our daily actions.

Unlocking the Secrets of Nighttime at Codemate

Night is a time when numerous intriguing events occur within digital projects.

How Codemate supports employee well-being in their daily lives

We care about our employees in many different ways – here’s how we care about their mental health!

Fluttering to the top: Rebel App studio by Codemate joins the trusted Flutter partners list

Google has launched the Flutter Consultant Directory, which is meant for everyone looking for trusted Flutter partners, and we are the only company on the list from the Nordics!

How to avoid unnecessary brand damage?

Staying on the quality track is crucial for us. Learn more about our approach and dig deeper into our case examples!

Codemate strengthens its position with the acquisition of Nordic Nomads

Codemate, a leading creative tech agency, announces its acquisition of Nordic Nomads, a remote software development agency on 12 June 2023.

UX and QA: Two sides of the same coin

By working together and having continuous communication every step of the way, UX and QA can ensure that the product is both usable and high-quality, leading to a better user experience overall.

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