Fluttering to the top: Rebel App studio by Codemate joins the trusted Flutter partners list

We have been developing apps long before Flutter. Since 2017, Codemate started developing and designing apps with Flutter, and we offer expertise you cannot find elsewhere: we have been developing Flutter itself with Google. We find the limitations of Flutter and push trough them, even if it requires changing Flutter itself.

“During my time at Codemate I have had a possibility to develop mobile apps with many different technologies. Every technology has it’s pros and cons, and the most important thing is to recognise what the customer really needs and choose the best technology for that”, comments Timo Pieti, Flutter developer, Rebel App Studio by Codemate.

“The pros with Flutter is that it can be used for more challenging purposes. Also it allows you to create the UI layer very efficiently and ensure its functionality through comprehensive testing”, Pieti continues.

Rebel App Studio by Codemate was born in 2021, to focus solely on Flutter consulting and community work. Now Google has launched the Flutter Consultant Directory, which is meant for everyone looking for trusted Flutter partners, and we are the only company on the list from the Nordics!

“It has been especially rewarding to participate in the Flutter community through various events and open-source releases. Making it to this list is both a natural progression of the journey and a great tribute to all the work our world-class developers and designers have done with Flutter”, Miika Toljamo, CO-Founder of Rebel App Studio by Codemate, remarks.

The community makes Flutter better

The companies selected for the Flutter Consultant Directory are required to have executed successfull Flutter projects, an adequate number of skilled developers, and a commitment to grow the Flutter community. Rebel App Studio has participated in many Flutter events, such as FlutterVikings and Fluttercon, and in Autumn 2023, we sponsored the streams for Flutter and Friends event for those who could not travel to Sweden.

“Flutter has a wide community, which helps Flutter grow even bigger and diverse. It is a pleasure to be part of this community, learn more from others and share my own knowledge with Flutter community”, Pieti says.

“It is amazing to see, especially in the events, how passionate people are with Flutter”, Pieti adds.

Did you know that Rebel App Studio is behind the apps like Burger King Finland and Moi Mobile? We continue to develop 5 star apps with Flutter and collaborate with Google.

More information:

Miika Toljamo
+358 40 734 9399

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