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Be ready for growth.

Codemate Care is there for you. We make sure your digital service runs smoothly, stays secure and meets the evolving customer expectations. The life cycle of your product is in good hands.

back-end development and cloud
Further Development

Further Development

Continuous development with an agile team.

Business critical digital services and high-profile consumer apps may require constant development to stay on top of the competition. New features and improvements can be implemented effectively with a dedicated agile team from Codemate. This team help you move forward with your development roadmap, as well as handle the maintenance and ad-hoc tasks. A typical team consists of developers, a test engineer, a devps specialist and a designer, with appropriate allocation for your current need.

On-demand development projects. Further development project is a cost-effective way to implement new features and non-critical improvements to your service. Codemate Care team will help you plan these intensive development periods across the year, so that a dedicated team can efficiently implement all necessary tasks at the same time.

Continuous development

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Support Service

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Further Development

cms and ecommerce
Support Service

Support Service

We are here for you.

Codemate’s Care team helps you solve any issues you have with your system and makes sure your issue tickets are solved effectively. These software life-cycle professionals will help you plan your development roadmap and further development projects so that your system’s value will increase overtime.

The service desk and Care team can handle ad-hoc development and time-critical issue solving tasks that may arise during the operations.

We offer Support and Care for software which we have developed.

Service desk


Issue management

Help and support

Lifecycle planning


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Support Service

care maintenance


We ensure your system runs smoothly and your data is secure.

Custom software solutions require regular care to stay safe and robust. We strongly recommend that you invest in preventive maintenance rather than put out fires as they emerge, risk your users data security and lose trust. It supports your growth and is much cheaper to do things right.

When you’re working with Codemate, you will get a smooth transition from Code to Care.

Maintenance service covers your software and the cloud/server environment. We regularly update all the software components to ensure the security of your service. Monitoring and backups are an essential part of the service, which will let you sleep better at night.


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