From challenges to saunas: A peek into Codemate’s distinctive office life

Great culture is one of the things our employees mention when asked why they like their job. Our values – together, trust, creative, professional, playful – come to life in our daily interactions. Codemate’s team consists of extremely skilled professionals (on average, they have 14 years of experience!). However, we are not merely a group of experts; we are a community of fun, kind and caring individuals who take their work seriously while also cherishing enjoyable moments. The workplace culture is created by people, nurtured and supported by the company.

Like many IT Companies, we provide great benefits from healthcare to a hybrid working model, commuting benefits to office snacks and drinks. Yet, we strive for our employees to find joy not only in their work but also in the office environment. Listening to our teams in different offices, we’ve introduced amenities like DJ Deck, PlayStations, gaming computers, chess, instruments – and we even have a sauna in our Oulu office! We want our people to enjoy spending time at the office, even during their free time – but we also want them to remember, that work shouldn’t be their whole life.

However, what truly defines Codemate’s culture isn’t just the perks; it’s our shared appreciation for spending time together, both during and after office hours, which positively influences our overall well-being. Moreover, the flexibility to align our work with our lives and find a balance with free time adds to the uniqueness of our culture.

Gathering to the office, challenging each other

To spice up our daily lives during autumn and winter, we have a period of challenges going on in our internal communication channel. It isn’t mandatory but a playful competition between offices and each employee. Tasks can be anything from taking a walk outside to sharing your favorite podcast, or squeezing into a tight spot, to dressing up for a Halloween party.

Every month, we gather at the offices to eat lunch and spend time together. Many of us still work in a hybrid model, but when it’s time for Office Friday, a great number of employees show up to the office! Many times Office Friday continues after working hours – we might stay at the office playing board games, video games or just chilling and talking with each other. Many times when we have events like this, our old colleagues join us to enjoy their time!

Activities outside of the office – from sports to esports and more

Some of us enjoy gaming, some of us prefer the sweat in the field – and everyone can suggest a new type of activity at the workplace! Oulumates are active Padel players – every week there’s at least one field reserved two times a week for them to play together and active conversation in our internal communication channel how the games went. During summer, you can spot Codemates at golf or disc golf courses. Many of us also hit the gym together, and Oulu people love throwing darts too. When the weather allows, some of us head to the forest – either to have a fat bike trip or to collect some mushrooms!

We have had representation in Kanaliiga, across various games, and we even have had an internal NHL league! Our love of games and esports was visible when we reserved a booth for our employees and partners in Finland’s biggest CS-tournament, Elisa Masters Espoo ‘23 and spent the weekend there.

But not all activities are competitive or sweaty: In Helsinki, we have a movie night about once a month, when we go to the movie theater together to various movies. We have also discussed ice swimming, aerial yoga and many, many different activities – as you can see, there’s a lot to do with codemates!

We value life beyond work

While codemates genuinely enjoy each other’s company, we recognise the importance of spending quality time with loved ones. That’s why, for activities such as movie nights, our employees are welcome to bring a +1, whether it’s a friend or spouse.

At Codemate, we believe in aligning work with your life in the best possible way. Whether it’s taking parental leave, pursuing further studies, or simply taking a step back, we encourage open communication about individual situations. Respecting our employees is paramount, and we’re committed to finding the most suitable solutions for everyone. Work shouldn’t be the your whole life, but a supporting part of it.

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