RECORDING: What you need to know about mobile app technologies.

The strengths and trade-offs of native, Flutter and React Native.

One developer advocates for native technologies – others want to use cross platform technologies such as Flutter or React Native. The question is: how can you choose the best one? Do you know what you are compromising on?

Too often deciding which technology to use in your new mobile app is based solely on previous experience and the developer’s personal preferences. Instead of objectively seeing the pros and cons of different solutions, many companies jump into the decision blindly.

When you have a grasp of the basics of different mobile technologies, it is easier to assess the options objectively, evaluate proposals, ask better questions and make informed decisions.

Watch our panel discussion and learn more about:

  • different mobile app technologies and their strengths and weaknesses
  • the trade-offs between technologies
  • the short and long-term effects of the decision
  • the maintenance and lifecycle of applications with different technologies.

Our panellists, mobile app technology experts Timo Pieti (Codemate) and Tom Gilder (Rebel App Studio) discussed different technologies and what you should consider when making the final decision. Timo focuses on native and React Native technologies whereas Tom sheds light on Flutter.

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