How Codemate supports employee well-being in their daily lives

The IT industry is renowned for its fast-paced environment, where tight deadlines and the constant influx of new technologies can create immense pressure. It can be challenging for individuals to navigate this stress and maintain their well-being. Fortunately, modern employers recognise the importance of caring for their employees, as innovation and creativity don’t simply materialise out of thin air.

At Codemate, we place a significant emphasis on the well-being of our team members, and we’ve established a “4-Step Defence Line” to ensure that everyone thrives in their work environment. To recognise World Mental Health Day, we want to share these proven practices with you!

Step 1: Culture

Our first line of defence is our company culture, which is built on trust and the freedom to shape one’s own work experience. At Codemate, you have the flexibility to work where you’re most productive—no one micromanages your tasks. Additionally, employees have a say in the projects they work on, ensuring they find fulfilment in their roles. Also, we know work is just work, and we do everything we can to adapt your work to fit the different stages in your life. Be it education, parental leave, shorter work week or temporary escape to a warmer hemisphere, together we find ways to make it happen.

Our culture extends beyond remote work; we come together once a month for “Office Friday,” where we enjoy good food and in-person interactions. This sense of community allows us to support one another, as we maintain an open and trusting atmosphere where we can openly discuss our challenges and concerns.

Coffee breaks bring people together. Picture is taken on Cinnamon Bun Day – we always find a reason to celebrate.

Our commitment to teamwork doesn’t stop at the office; Codemate encourages us to engage in leisure activities together, from mushroom picking to gaming. For example, in our Helsinki office, we provide top-notch gaming equipment, available for use whenever you desire.

As we spend a lot of time together, it is easier for mates to notice the changes in co-workers mood or stress levels – and we also are brave to talk about the challenges and remind each others that different kind of help is available.

Step 2: One-on-One Discussions

Every month, project leaders engage in one-on-one discussions with their team members. These conversations are designed to gauge employee well-being, job satisfaction, and any needs or concerns they may have. Our Chief People Officer, Lasse, collaborates with project leaders to identify subtle signs of distress and provide assistance. These discussions are integral to our open culture, where employees can freely seek help with work- or life-related challenges without fear of job repercussions.

In the near future, we plan to equip our project leaders with additional education to enhance their ability to listen, notice, and support their team members effectively.

Step 3: External Support

If anyone at Codemate ever feels lost, stressed, or simply needs someone to talk to outside of their immediate work circle, we’ve got their back. We offer external support and coaching services accessible to all team members, regardless of their location. This proactive approach to mental health support helps employees manage stress and motivation-related challenges before they become overwhelming.

Step 4: Occupational Health Care

The final layer of our defence line is our comprehensive occupational health care. Whether the challenges are physical or mental in nature, our extensive occupational health care services are available to provide support and guidance.

In summary, Codemate is deeply committed to the well-being of employees, and our “4-Step Defense Line” exemplifies this commitment. If you’re interested in exploring our company culture further, follow us on Instagram @codemateofficial!

Every year on October 10th, since 1992, is World Mental Heath Day. This years theme, “Our minds, our rights” points out that mental health is a basic human right for all people. Some of the key messages in the theme are “Good mental health is an integral part of our overall health and wellbeing”, “We must challenge the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health” and “Everyone has the right to access quality mental health care”. You can learn more about World Mental Health Day and key messages from WHO Website.

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