Mates behind the Code: Delivery Lead Mikael Komu hasn’t considered taking another job in 14 years

Mikael Komu has been working at Codemate for 14 years. He joined the company as a Senior Developer, but soon transitioned to taking responsibility for projects. Today, Mikael works as a Delivery Lead.

– Jukka Katajaharju, one of the founders of Codemate, was my fellow student  and during our studies we did pair coding exercises together. About ten years after the university days, Jukka called and asked if I wanted a job, Mikael recalls how he ended up at Codemate.

However, before starting at Codemate, Mikael wanted to finish a project with his previous employer. A few months later, he returned Jukka’s call.

–In the beginning, I held a Senior Developer’s position, but it wasn’t long before I got proposed to take on a role in charge of projects. At some point, I did about 50/50 software development and project management, and since 2016, I’ve been a Delivery Lead, Mikael recounts his history.

As a Delivery Lead at Codemate, Mikael is responsible for the overall delivery of the projects and his role includes – but is not limited to – everything that helps achieve that goal. In practice, a Delivery Lead tracks budget and schedule, keeps both the team and the client informed, fosters team spirit, and generally provides the team with the conditions to succeed by offering a safe and efficient working environment. 

– I enjoy talking with clients. I have good social skills, and although it sounds cliché, one of my strengths is getting along with everyone. I’m fairly calm by nature, and usually it’s hard to get me irritated, which helps in many situations such as discussing schedule or budget challenges, Mikael describes his strengths as a Delivery Lead.

Building and maintaining team spirit and ensuring that everyone in the team has meaningful work and the best possible conditions for success are also essential parts of the job, Mikael adds.

Delivery Lead Mikael Komu and Business Director Miika Toljamo working with their laptops in sunshine.
Flexible working methods enabled remote work under the Portuguese sun

Diverse and evolving IT industry

Mikael has accumulated over 20 years of work experience in the IT industry, most of which has been with Codemate. He has enjoyed his time from the beginning and has seen the company evolve and develop.

– Codemate as a company has changed a lot over the years. Along the way, each of us, starting from the company’s management, has evolved. Although this was an excellent company 14 years ago, many things have improved. Our culture encourages development and learning, and it is also reflected in our ways of working. It feels like we are going forward every year, Mikael says.

Challenging and varied projects during his time at Codemate have taught Mikael a lot, and he quickly noticed significant development in his own skills.

I remember saying that I learned more during my first year at Codemate than in several years with my previous job.

Among the numerous projects, Mikael remembers long-term projects with the same client particularly well.

– In the role of Delivery Lead, I have fond memories of long-term cooperation with Restel, which still continues to this day, even though I’m no longer involved in the project. Over the years, a genuine partnership has developed between Codemate and Restel. We have worked together on various web and mobile projects, such as Burger King’s and Taco Bell’s apps, and the Food & Events services, Mikael summarises the years of collaboration.

– Working on different projects allows you to accumulate valuable knowledge and skills almost without realising it. Varied, challenging projects in different industries and technologies also keep things interesting, Mikael says.

Lot’s of work experience, lot’s of memories

– There have always been awesome and skilled people working here from the beginning. It feels like the company has always taken good care of its employees. There’s comprehensive occupational health care, lunch benefits, various parties and events. In addition, communication at Codemate has always been very transparent, both the good and the bad are always openly communicated to everyone, Mikael praises.

During the early days of his Codemate career, Mikael worked at the Oulu office but has been in Helsinki for several years now. Both offices have left him with good memories.

– Over the years, there are many good memories, not only from longer trips with the company but also from everyday things  like office renovations and gaming moments, Mikael comments. At the time of writing, he is a two-time champion of Codemate’s internal NHL tournaments.

Old photo where Mikael Komu and Lasse Määttä are playing foosball.
Mikael Komu (left) and People Chief Officer Lasse Määttä playing foosball some years ago.

Interesting projects, the opportunity to learn new things, a good culture and pleasant and professional colleagues have led Mikael to accumulate work experience at Codemate for 14 years.

Even though I’ve been working here for so long, I don’t remember ever seriously considering taking another job, Mikael confesses with a smile on his face.

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