Unlocking the Secrets of Nighttime at Codemate

“Goodnight my angel, time to close your eyes, and save these questions for another day..” As the old lullaby suggests, nighttime is typically for resting, not for questions, but night is also a time when numerous intriguing events occur within digital projects – events that should capture your attention, especially if you’re invested in valuable development endeavors.

Amidst the hush and obscurity of the night, hundreds of tests are executed automatically to ensure the quality of the day’s work. These encompass unit tests, API/integration tests and UI-level tests. When we return to work in the morning, armed with our coffee cups, we are immediately greeted by the previous day’s code quality.

This is how we’ve finely honed the development cycle and feedback mechanism to be swift and efficient. We swiftly gain an up-to-date and dependable understanding of where our focus should lie in the morning, or how close we are to a production ready software product. This empowers us to swiftly enact necessary changes while all details are fresh in memory. Unfortunately, some individuals delay testing, whether it’s automated or exploratory, until a late stage in the project. This delay makes corrections a more arduous task, involving revisiting outdated issues, hopping between tasks, and struggling to recall all the interdependencies—resulting in schedule and budget constraints, which we aim to avoid. As the release date looms, it’s reassuring to be equipped with a clear picture of the project’s status, preventing last-minute crises that can disrupt timelines or compromise quality.

Although our primary goal is quality assurance, it’s also about optimizing costs and aligning with your budget. The sooner we discern the code’s quality, the more cost-effective it is to address any issues. And, as we all know, even the most skilled developers occasionally make mistakes. The night serves as our truth-revealing ally. However, as testing experts, we acknowledge that automated tests alone or a few tests conducted by developers are insufficient. The pinnacle of reliability for a digital project is achieved through comprehensive testing, including exploratory testing, which addresses the remaining unexplored territories that automation cannot yet reach. We carry out these tests under the illumination of the sun or the gentle glow of a lamp, depending on the season!

Codemate offers a full spectrum of services throughout the digital lifecycle, encompassing design, coding, testing, project management, consulting, maintenance with minor enhancements.

Our feedback loop within each domain is rapid, fostering superior and higher-quality outcomes for you and your end-users. This seamless development journey collectively reduces the lifecycle costs of your product or service. So, why wait until tomorrow? Act now and secure your success with our comprehensive suite of digital services.

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Minna Karvonen,

Head of Design & Quality services

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