Apps don’t code themselves

We are spoiled

We take free digital services for granted. We go crazy if a mobile app crashes or performing a task is not up to our standards. After all, we have used our precious time in downloading the app and given it an honor to reside on your home screen, eating up indispensable megabytes, all out of charity! All it has to do is solve problems in our everyday lives and unceasingly entertain us. Otherwise it’s our duty to let App Store know our frustration in a spotlight of a single star.

”We need to stop and think. Apps don’t code themselves”

The visionaries

This is a tribute to the people who want to help others, want to solve problems, who put their money and countless hours in creating something new, attempting to bring their fellow humans a piece of software that delights and creates value. 

These people are entrepreneurs, product owners, directors or experts in a totally different field, who are able to see a solvable problem and have enough courage to pursue it. I call them Visionaries.

”It’s not the mobile application that solves anyone’s problems. It’s the people behind it.”

The creators

People who don’t have experience in creating full scale digital services typically underestimate the amount of effort and different expertise required. The size of investment can be a shock for the uninformed. Even if the budget is not an issue, this expertise is extremely hard to find from the job market thanks to the booming digitalisation in practically every industry. 

A digital product development team typically consists of people from 5 different roles: designers, coders, DevOps engineer, test engineers, project manager and/or product owner. For example the coding part alone can require 3 types of specialists: web front-end developers, mobile developers and back-end developers. And when the system is up and running the Marketing, Operations and Care team work day and night to ensure things roll smoothly.

Let’s collectively call them Creators.

Due to the breadth of roles and the varying needs for different roles over the product development timeline, many Visionaries turn to tech agencies like Codemate. Hiring the team as a service enables them to start faster, adjust the team composition, avoid fixed costs and lean to the experience of the software development agency when embarking into the unknown future.

“In a rare and fortunate event that the visionary is able to assemble a team and the funds, new challenges await the brave.”

Code is crafted

Every software project is unique. Creating a digital product is always a new adventure, no matter how experienced the team is. In the beginning nobody knows exactly how the end result will be like, when it will be ready and how much effort is needed. Using agile methods, the product is continuously pivoted towards the moving target. The product is released early to get real feedback, even if the team knows it’s not perfect. Sometimes we miss, but we adjust fast and keep going. 

Every single programmer wants to produce well structured and beautiful code that offers high performance without glitches. The reason why code is not always perfect is time. Or the lack of it. When balancing between quality and delivery speed, mistakes happen. It’s just human.

“There is no one correct way to implement software solutions. No silver bullets. This is craft code.”


We want to remind You that behind every app, web service and smart device, there are relentless Visionaries and passionate Creators who are working hard to bring You these digital services. These individuals sincerely hope they will solve some of Your problems, delight You and create sustainable value. 

Why not give something back? The highest form of appreciation is positive user feedback. Go to your local App Store or write a direct feedback and express your satisfaction full heartedly. Give 5 stars to the mobile apps you love. It costs you nothing but means everything to the people behind these apps. These stories are read, shared and cherished within the team, providing assurance and energy. As a counter favour, your beloved apps get even better.

“This is a tribute to the visionaries and to the creators. Respect.”


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