UX and QA: Two sides of the same coin

By working together and having continuous communication every step of the way, UX and QA can ensure that the product is both usable and high-quality, leading to a better user experience overall.

Here comes Rebel!

Have you already run into our sub-brand Rebel App Studio, which focuses on creating 5-star apps with Flutter technology?

Teamwork across organisational borders – a story of a listed company and a creative tech consultancy

Read about the elements of the partnership between Schibsted and Codemate, and get tips on smooth cooperation.

RECORDING: What you need to know about mobile app technologies.

When it comes to mobile app technologies, do you know what you are compromising on? Download our panel discussion!

Attractive job opportunities under the Asian sun.

Would you like to work in Bangkok? Codemate offers developers, freelancers and partners a great setting for that.

Codemate strengthens design services.

Let us introduce Minna, a design leader and expert, who joined Codemate in 2021.

Apps don’t code themselves

Behind every app there are relentless Visionaries who are working hard to bring you these digital services. Don’t take them for granted.

User Research for a new product.

User research can destroy the idea you had for your new product. And it’s totally worth it!

RECORDING: Flutter Web Meetup

Codemate organised a Flutter Web meetup together with Google right after Flutter 2.0 was released.