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More than just a job

“Working with us, we help you get to the next level and have fun while at it.”

For us this is more than a job – at Codemate we are not just professionals, but friends who want to work in a great community. Together we decide how we do our job and what kind of work culture we have.

Everyone who joins Codemate brings in valuable skills that help our customers go forward in their digital journey. The hunger to learn more and get better every day unites us. We support your personal growth with mentoring and projects with the latest technologies where you can challenge yourself in a supportive environment.

We work on impactful and sustainable projects and create value that counts for our customers. At the same time everyone is able to influence their daily work to make life smoother and a bit more fun.

What does Codemate do, and who is it for?
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Codemate culture – the best place for players like you.
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Heikki and Anti tell about their journey at Codemate.
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Work that fits your life

Family comes first and life situations change. We do everything we can to adapt your work to fit the different stages in your life. Be it education, parental leave, shorter work week or temporary escape to a warmer hemisphere, together we find ways to make it happen.

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“We have a genuinely positive attitude towards combining family life and work. Having a balance is so important for wellbeing. I’ve been so happy that the management, including the CEO, think that family is the first priority and work is adapted if needed. People here understand what it means to have a kid in day care or sick at home. There’s encouragement for taking parental leave or shortening the work week according to the employees needs.”

Tiina Miettunen


Awesome Codemate community

At Codemate we want to work in laid-back atmosphere. Here bad humor is an art form! Although we take our job seriously, we don’t have to be serious! Let’s give our one-and-only Matias a change to tell what he thinks about working at Codemate.

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“We have a perfectly sized company. We can make great things, but everyone’s opinion matters. Codemate makes it possible for me to continuously develop my skills. We are working with the latest technologies and keeping ourselves up-to-date on what’s happening. I have been working with cool companies like Adidas and Netflix in awesome teams.

I also enjoy the freedom and responsibility. Together with my colleagues I get define what and how we do our work. At Codemate people really matter, and everyone is taken into Codemate family.”

Matias Savela

Software Architect

Codemate is meeting IT talents at Maalisuora event in Oulu🥳 Come and say hi! @oamk_ouas

Okok, TalenExpo is in Espoo, not in Helsinki. Sorrysorry!😇 Codemate will be in recruitment events in Espoo, TalentExpo and Oulu, Maalisuora this month. Meet you there?😎
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Come and meet us at recruitment events:

✨TalentExpo in Espoo, Thu 11.11.
💫 Maalisuora in Oulu, Thu 18.11.

We’re on the lookout for potential recruits! Is it you?🤩


Farewell party for Juho after 7 years at Codemate💛 Thank you for all the memorable moments together and may there be a thousand more in the future🥳 Our office, events, and the inexhaustible fridge are always open for you!

Frosty morning yet bendy Codemateans!😄 Oulu office on their first morning practice in a while! Making it a habbit ?🏋🏻‍♂️🤩 #codematelife ...

#Userstudy. Our Designers on their way to get first hand info on what app users truly want. Vital part of the project! What about on a personal level as part of the job… Yay or Nay?🤩 #codematelife #designerlife ...

New Oulu office coming together piece by piece. Step of the day: @breathenaava ...

Office vibes #codematehelsinki ...

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