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Papua is a company that employs around 130 people.  Their core business is providing outlet boosting services in the field of retail. Their sales representatives also take care of client brands product displaying, campaigning, organizing tastings and helping with saleswork.

When Papua noticed they needed help with managing the field work they contacted Codemate. Their old way of communicating with the staff  was done in multiple different channels and caused increased costs,  overload for the work managers, human errors and lack of predictability. To combat these problems Papua looked for an off-the-shelf software product but couldn’t find one. This is where Codemate was tasked to build a new customized system for their needs.


We created the software with the main focus on being able to manage the fieldworkers remotely. Now checking the incoming tasks and reporting them can be done instantly by the worker while carrying them out at the shops. The new system also made it possible for the workers to complete their tasks at a time best fit for them.

The system also aided customer care to manage clients, their orders and create new tasks for fieldworkers.
Regional coordinators can check tasks and mark them as approved or possibly decline and send someone to fix it. After this the system enables data export of completed tasks and services, which are used for billing and paying the salaries.


The solution is a browser based web app, which is mobile optimized. The user interface is built with React. The back-end system is built with Ruby on Rails (RoR). The back-end system is connected to the front-end with a REST API. We chose AWS as the cloud platform to run the service.

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“As a result of this cooperation Papua created a whole new way of organizing and leading fieldwork. With the software we developed, managing tasks is now more efficient than ever, leading to increased profitability. The lessened load and better organized tasks also boosted workplace satisfaction and people had less sick days. We also got more accurate hourly reports and were able to track everything more in real time. This also helped better the offer processes.”

Samuli Laitinen

Account Manager, Papua Merchandising Oy

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