Algorithm by Antti Suuronen, 2020

What have
we done?

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Developing a loyal customer app in just three months.

The Burger King app was created quickly. It was designed and developed in close cooperation between the Burger King and Codemate teams.

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User-centered design of a restaurant app

With the Food&Events app, users can plan an entire evening of entertainment, including events and meals. The app can be used to order meals at e.g. festivals, ice hockey games, a theatre or a restaurant.

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Agile renewal of a radio broadcasting system

Jutel is one of the world’s most experienced media and radio automation solution providers. Specialised in radio digitalisation, it offers innovative solutions ...

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Edita Prima

Continuous development of a digital asset management service

Edita Prima was founded as far back as 1859. With a mission to help customers communicate better, Edita Prima is a tech company that focuses on customer communi ...

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Google Flutter DevTools

Google wanted to improve the developer experience of Flutter applications, by improving DevTools, the main utility tool for Flutter developers. It was getting h ...

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Moi Mobile

Mun Moi – operator apps

An application so good that you never have to call customer service. A digital mobile operator challenges the big players with the best digital customer experie ...

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Netflix data science – Metaflow UI

Netflix improves its recommendation algorithms and predicts the success of new shows by using massive amounts of data. Because managing machine learning pipelin ...

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More proactive work management

Papua is a company that employs around 130 people.  Their core business is providing outlet boosting services in the field of retail. Their sales represent ...

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Health City Finland

A new way to live

Urban living is changing as we speak. Kotikatu365 (“Home street 365”) is a new living concept created to meet this demand. The concept is developed based on ...

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Digital partner for the forerunner of the construction business

Digitalization plays a significant role in Lehto’s model of economically driven construction. As a digital partner of Lehto, Codemate develops Lehto’s operative ...

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A modern member portal

Tradeka is a Finnish cooperative with nearly M€500 turnover, making good things happen for its 210 000 members and for the surrounding society. Codemate is a di ...

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Revolutionising sleep apnea diagnosis

The goal of our customer Nukute is to make sleep apnea diagnosis as smooth and reliable as possible. Sleep apnea is a big health problem globally, which decreas ...

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Renewal of the Oikotie digital service

Oikotie is a part of the international media group Schibsted (formerly part of media company Sanoma). Oikotie digital service is the top marketplace for jobs an ...

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Maintenance done right

Developing maintenance processes is a timely topic in many organisations, as the number and technical complexity of devices and machines is ever increasing. Man ...

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