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Digital asset management service

Continuous development of a digital asset management service

Edita Prima was founded as far back as 1859. With a mission to help customers communicate better, Edita Prima is a tech company that focuses on customer communication and the automation of sales support processes. The company helps develop its customers’ business by orchestrating automated customer journeys to perfection by turning data friendly. Edita Prima is part of the Edita Group.

Strategic digital partnership that spans over a decade.

Codemate has been a strategic digitalisation partner for Edita Prima for more than a decade. During this long partnership, Codemate has adapted to Edita Prima’s needs, offering its support and assistance as needed through:

  • Strategic software development partnership
  • Outsourced services and production of services
  • Dedicated developers for specific needs
  • Agile development teams for implementation
  • Projects with fixed pricing
  • Care and maintenance

For Edita Prima, the partnership has boosted their efficiency, enabled them to focus on their core business and accelerated the implementation of digital development projects.

The building blocks of this partnership have been industry understanding and trust. Development is never carried out just for the sake of it. All development projects have stemmed from actual business goals. Instead of focusing on a single service, product management always strives to identify its role in the big picture. Insight and understanding have made the management and prioritisation of work easier.

“Codemate has been a strategic digitalisation partner for Edita Prima for a long time. During this time, we have achieved fruitful and holistic cooperation in digital development projects.”

Jussi Naumanen, Head of Digital Services, Edita Prima Oy

The crown jewel of this cooperation has been the development of Core.

The evolution of technology has been clearly visible throughout our ten-year cooperation. Technology choices, continuous assessments and new solutions have been at the very heart of our cooperation.

What we consider the crown jewel of our partnership is the comprehensive overhaul of eGate, Edita Prima’s digital asset management service, which had reached the end of its life. The technology on which eGate was based was about to become unsupported in three years. This meant that critical data security updates would have no longer been available in the future.

Codemate created a solid roadmap for Edita Prima to illustrate how the eGate service would be renewed so that all customers could migrate to the new platform on time.

The service in brief:

Core is a digital asset management (DAM) service that enables Edita Prima’s clients, such as banks and insurance companies, to

  • keep track of data versions,
  • ensure that shared files are up-to-date,
  • and publish content through various channels.

Since this service was business critical to Edita Prima, it was vital to get an early start in planning the new service. This goal was achieved with excellent results: At no point was Edita Prima caught in a reactive state, but it was able to plan, budget and prepare for the changes well in advance.

What was the idea behind the process?

The catalyst for the overhaul process was a technology that had reached the end of its life. Other key objectives were:

  • Simplifying the architecture
  • Enabling easier maintenance
  • Responding to growing customer needs in brand content management
  • Improving the usability of the service
  • Ensuring first-rate data security

In practical implementation, the engine and background systems were kept separate from customer-specific configurations and solutions. This was the key to enabling easier maintenance and responding to customer needs.

In terms of architecture, special attention was paid to ensuring first-rate data security. An external security audit was carried out by F-Secure, whose positive feedback and praise give the end customers peace of mind.

In addition to the technological implementation, Codemate played a key role in migrating customers to the new system. Codemate also offered technical support and user training.

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“Codemate’s extensive expertise enabled excellent implementation of the development project. The process went smoothly according to plan.”

Jussi Naumanen

Head of Digital Services, Edita Prima Oy

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