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Urban living is changing as we speak. Kotikatu365 (“Home street 365”) is a new living concept created to meet this demand.

The concept is developed based on Finnish and international research results of living preferences that highlight the value of well-being, community and everyday luxury in the modern urban living.

With Kotikatu365 Health City Finland Oy, part of Cor Group, offers a truly unique city living experience. The first residential area following the concept is built in 2018-2019 to Lipporanta, Oulu, Finland. The next locations will include more Finnish cities: Kuusamo, Kuopio and Vantaa.

In all the new concept homes, the services you might need in everyday life are easily reachable via a web service – Kotikatu365 Service Portal. Codemate created the Kotikatu365 digital solutions for the residents, service partners and service operator.

Communality was an important factor to be considered when designing and testing the Kotikatu365 web service. Therefore, residents were invited to share ideas and participate in testing of the service throughout the software development phase. The early involvement and feedback from the actual users were extremely valuable. The feedback received effected directly to the content of the web service.

Kotikatu365 web service was launched to the residents and service partners in autumn 2018. Codemate is excited to be part of the development of a new, modern way of living and continues as a development partner in future releases for Kotikatu365 web service.

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“As a service operator in urban living and well-being, it is important for us to offer our customers the best possible solutions for a smooth everyday life and enable high-quality service of our partners. Codemate understood this from the very beginning of the development process and created Kotikatu365 web services with strong professionalism.”

Jari-Pekka Kelhä

CEO, Health City Finland

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