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Thank you for considering us as your next employer. Finding the first “real job” in your field is an important step in your life and career. Or, maybe you already have some working experience, and are looking for a place where to get your skills to the next level. We believe Codemate has a lot to offer for developers and designers in the early stages of their career.

What could I do at Codemate?

Our roles aren’t that strictly siloed, we actually encourage people to widen their expertise to technologies and areas that they are interested in. Whether it’s mobile, web or UX design you wish to do (or all of them at some point?), we for sure can offer learning opportunities for people interested in these areas. In your case, we’d first make sure there is a project you can participate in, with the support you need. We do not wish to hire anyone to the bench and therefore we listen carefully during our conversations on what you want to do, what you can already do, and where you need support. With this info we find the right project that matches your skills and gives you the learning opportunities you search for.

Codemate teams are located in three offices: Oulu, Helsinki and Bangkok. You can decide to work on any of these sites.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for developers and designers who will shine and brighten the workplace with their potential. As we are not a big company (80 professionals in total), this raises the bar for our criteria. It might be easier to get into a bigger company who hires several juniors every year. At Codemate, we need every person to bring something to the table, which means that with us you also get to do and learn a lot. This does not mean we expect you to know everything. We wish you to be extra enthusiastic in learning, and that you have some projects to show us that you’ve done (e.g. on Github).

Technologies and skills we’re interested in:

  • Front end: React (JavaScript / TypeScript), Vue, Angular
  • Back end: NodeJS (JavaScript / TypeScript), RoR, Python, Java
  • Mobile: Flutter, React Native, Native iOS/Android
  • Cloud: AWS/Google Cloud/ Azure
  • PostgreSQL, CI/CD, Gitlab. 
  • Rest, GraphQL
  • CMS/Ecom: WordPress, Headless 
  • Good communication skills in English

If you’ve done a project or two with any of these, that is a great start.

Why Codemate?

Our motto is ”Go Forward”. It means that our number one goal is to be a place where personal growth and professional development is made possible. Progress towards your personal goals as a developer/designer, while having fun at work.

Work is not everything. If you appreciate family time, hobbies, seeing friends, traveling or cottage life, Codemate might be a better place for you than a cut-throat global consultancy. Have some energy left for your personal life and time for the people you love.

When you work, do something meaningful. You get to work with solid experts in customer projects that will impress your friends, if you’re into that sort of rep. Seriously, most of the work we’ve been doing lately are for global companies even your granny knows about.

Awesome Codemate community At Codemate we want to work in laid-back atmosphere. Here bad humour is an art form! Although we take our job seriously, we don’t have to be serious! We like doing all sorts of activities together and you’ll fit in from day one!

Like many other IT companies, we offer great benefits and a competitive salary ✨

How to apply?

As mentioned, we cannot hire juniors as often as maybe a bigger consultancy company can (not that we wouldn’t want to!). However, we do consider juniors that show potential, and the way to get in is through recruitment events🤗 We will update to this page when we’re going to attend the next event, and the best way to get notified is to join our mailing list.

Hoping to see you at the events!

While waiting

While waiting for the next event, take a look at our website to find more info on what it’s like working at Codemate. Below, our one and only Matias tells about his experience with Codemate. Matias started with us 10 years ago straight from school. Maybe this could be you in the future?

Matias Savela dash icon white dash icon white dash icon white
“Meillä on juuri sopivan kokoinen yritys, jotta voimme tehdä isoja asioita, mutta jokainen voi silti vaikuttaa. Codematella minulla on mahdollisuus jatkuvasti kehittää itseäni. Teemme töitä moderneilla teknologioilla ja seuraamme koko ajan mitä maailmalla tapahtuu. Minulla on ollut ilo työskennellä osana huikeita tiimejä mm. Netflixillä ja Adidaksella.

Nautin todella työkavereideni seurasta. Näiden yli 10 vuoden aikana on ollut hienoa huomata, että ex-codematelaiset myös usein palaavat takaisin parin vuoden sisällä ja ovi on aina auki.”

Matias Savela


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