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We’re looking for Flutter Developers who share our enthusiasm for creating apps that make people’s lives better. We take pride in finding creative and innovative solutions to our customers’ problems.

Location can be either Helsinki, Oulu or Bangkok.

Codemate ❤️ Flutter

We’ve done groundbreaking and innovative Flutter projects, including Moi: one of the world’s first commercial Flutter web projects that was prominently featured by Google at the launch of Flutter 2.0.

Google even featured Codemate in their September 2021 Flutter 2.5 release note: ”To make DevTools a more useful destination for understanding and debugging your Flutter apps, we partnered with Codemate Ltd, a creative tech agency in Finland, to make some updates.”

So we’re deep in this.

We’ve got exciting plans for the future, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Why Codemate?

Our motto is ”Go Forward”. It means that our number one goal is to be a place where personal growth and professional development is made possible. Progress towards your personal goals and vision, while having fun at work.

Work is not everything. If you appreciate family time, hobbies, seeing friends, traveling or cottage life, Codemate might be a better place for you than a cut-throat global consultancy. Have some energy left for your personal life and time for the people you love.

When you work, do something meaningful. You get to work with solid experts in customer projects that will impress your friends, if you’re into that sort of rep. Seriously, most of the work we’ve been doing lately are for global companies even your granny knows about.

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About you

You will get a great start if you have a good amount of working experience as a mobile developer ( iOS/Android), and you have developed with Flutter for a while, so that you consider yourself skilled in this technology. However, If you have developed an app or two with Flutter but consider yourself more on the beginner side with it, no worries, we’re also looking for skilled mobile developers to grow with the Flutter team.

Things we value:

  • Experience as a mobile developer, with more than a few years of professional experience making mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Enthusiasm towards Flutter, you have used Flutter to make apps for mobile, web or desktop.
  • Examples of Flutter apps you’ve developed.
  • You care about quality, and know about automated testing. Experience of Flutter widget or integration tests is a huge plus.
  • Good understanding of how to architect apps to manage complexity and make them testable and maintainable.
  • Comprehensive understanding of mobile systems, and understand the specific requirements of developing apps for them.
  • Good working level of English.

Bonus points:

  • Experience of native mobile development for iOS or Android.
  • Any experience in other cross-platform frameworks such as React Native or Xamarin.
  • Experience of automated deployment of mobile apps using CI/CD systems.
  • Any experience with graphics programming, especially animations.
  • Any web development experience, especially with functional reactive frameworks like React.
  • We don’t expect you to be a designer, but a keen interest in app design is a huge bonus.

Our Flutter work

We’ve published many successful Flutter apps, including apps for AC OuluTemployerLehto Group and Aalto University. We’ve contributed to the Flutter project through open source submissions, and held Flutter hackathons and meetups, including speakers from Google.

Mun Moi

We rebuilt Moi’s mobile app in Flutter to provide customers with a beautiful and easy-to-use way to manage their accounts. We then brought this to the web, as one of the earliest Flutter web projects. You can watch our Flutter Web Meetup to find out more. 

What next?

We are eager to hear about you, who you are, what kind of community and challenges you are looking for. And also what you have done in your past career.

No need for CV’s. The best way to proceed is to fill in the short questionnaire below and we will get back to you.

See you soon, we hope! 🙂

Go Forward.

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