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Are you an experienced Node.js Developer? Let’s talk.

We know, there’s a high demand on the market for your skillset. So why choose Codemate, a small company nobody has ever heard of? What would your friends say? We challenge you to read further, perhaps Codemate is exactly what you are looking for.

Why Codemate?

Our motto is “Go Forward”. It means that our number one goal is to be a place where personal growth and professional development are made possible. Perhaps you wish to deepen your knowledge on the front-end side? Or mobile? Progress towards your personal goals as a developer, while having fun at work.

Work is not everything. If you appreciate family time, hobbies, seeing friends, travelling or cottage life, Codemate might be a better place for you than a cut-throat global consultancy. Have some energy left for your personal life and time for the people you love.

When you work, do something meaningful. You get to work with solid experts in customer projects that will impress your friends, if you’re into that sort of rep. Seriously, most of the work we’ve been doing lately are for global companies even your granny knows about.

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“We have a perfectly sized company. We can make great things, but everyone’s opinion matters. Codemate makes it possible for me to continuously develop my skills. We are working with the latest technologies and keeping ourselves up-to-date on what’s happening. I have been working with cool companies like Adidas and a big streaming company in awesome teams.

I also enjoy the freedom and responsibility. Together with my colleagues I get define what and how we do our work. At Codemate people really matter.”

Matias Savela

Software Architect & Mentor

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What we’re looking for

You will get a great start if you’re skilled with Node.js, Express and Javascript ecosystem, and you have worked around 5 or more years (this is just to give you an idea, not a hard number) in IT in a technical role. You’re familiar with relational databases (e.g. Postgre) and/or NoSQL and you have experience with AWS / Google Cloud or Azure. If you happen to like Docker, that’s great, so do we. Experience with DevOps and CI/CD tools and services (e.g. Terraform, CloudFormation, Jenkins, Ansible) is also appreciated.

Extra points for: frameworks built on Express (e.g. NestJS, Sails, FoalTS), Frontend/Full-stack development experience with React, Angular or Vue, Certifications and/or extensive expertise in AWS/Google Cloud/Azure, and Experience in testing frameworks such as Jest and Mocha.

We are eager to hear from you and see if Codemate’s culture is a match for you as well. We are a bunch of code enthusiasts and designers who want to do things well and take responsibility for getting better together. Organising extra-curricular activities for games, culture, sports or parties is something we enjoy a lot and you’re more than welcome to join!

We have always worked both remotely and from the office, but it would be great if you could work close to our clients and teams in either Helsinki, Oulu or Bangkok.

Together, we will be tailoring your role to match your ambitions and expertise.

How to apply

We are eager to hear about you, who you are, what kind of community and challenges you are looking for. And also what you have done in your past career.

No need for CV’s. The best way to proceed is to fill in the short questionnaire below and we will get back to you.

See you soon, we hope! 😊

Go Forward.

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